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Uncaged Review – Cautionary Tales by Emmanuelle de Maupassant

Cautionary Tales
Emmanuelle de Maupassant
Dark Mythology

“We are the voices in the shadows …”

Inspired by Eastern European and Russian superstitions and folklore, here are twelve tales; darkly delicious imaginings for the adult connoisseur of bedtime stories.

Uncaged Review: This book is a collection of tales that is slightly dark and erotic and shows how human nature can be both good and bad. This book has some dark twists and perhaps some things that go bump in the night. I suggest if you are offended by highly sexed demons and murderous sisters this book is not for you. The author also has a dark poem of sorts that she weaves throughout the book. Also one of the less then slightly desirable characters has a vision that informs us that, in fact all of the participants of this live in the same town.

I really like this author’s style of writing as it’s quite dark and witty. This is a new author to me that has a few books out already. I hope I have the pleasure of reading more of her books. Reviewed by Jennifer

5 Stars


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