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Uncaged Review – Love’s Deception by Patricia Hudson

Love’s Deception
Patricia Hudson
Contemporary Western Romance

It’s easy to fall in love. Holding on to it is the tricky part. Sometimes love seems forever. But from one lie, one hideous deceptive act, it can shatter into a million pieces.

Meet Lane Benchley. She knows all about holding on, or in her case, the futility of it. Six years ago she lost her best friend, Caroline Stanton, and her forever love, Blake Stanton, in one unimaginable swoop.

Meet Caroline Trenton. She always falls for the wrong man. Since Lane took off without a backward glance, she’s never been able to get a grip on her life. Trust is an insurmountable obstacle.

And then there is Blake Trenton. Handsome, rich, and unattainable. When Lane abandoned him, he threw himself into working hard and drinking harder. He’s only interested in one-night stands. Needless to say, he has a lot of them.

Finally, Colby Clinton, the outsider. Will he be the right man for Caroline? Or, will he be the one to mend Lane’s broken heart?

Uncaged Review: This book is marketed as a contemporary romance, and it is that, but this is definitely more of a western romance and it could be missing out on an audience of that genre by not being in that category. The author does a nice job with the characters and the world she’s built, and in this story, you actually get two full romance stories running together.

Lane left home to move to Chicago, after her heart was broken by Blake. She returns home when her father takes a fall breaking his arm and leg, so she can help out with their ranch. Running into Blake is inevitable, and the sparks fly.

Caroline, Blake’s sister, and former best friend of Lane’s, gets back together with Lane and they are able to put the past behind them and become the friend’s they always were. But Blake won’t be ignored – but there is more going on with Blake’s manipulating mother.

A pretty good read that keeps a nice pace and even though I wanted to shake Lane a few times, she eventually got to where she needed to be. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars


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