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Uncaged Review: Humanity’s Protectors by David R. Bernstein

Humanity’s Protectors
David R. Bernstein
Young Adult/Dystopian

Where will you stand at humanity’s end?
The corporate abuse of youth with the special ability to manipulate reality is at its apex. A revolution to regain society has emerged and sixteen-year-old Leeyah is thrust in the middle of the war against the corporate controlled police.

Will a growing ability put her life at risk?

Uncaged Review: This novella is the beginning to the Influence series and it starts with a bang and never slows down. In future American, corporations are using people with Push abilities as Influencers, to be able to influence the population into positive ideas for their products, even if the products are not. Grabbing 16 yr old Leeyah from her family to work as an Influencer, until she gets an assignment that she morally can’t do. When an Influencer goes awry, it’s the end game, although Leeyah doesn’t have any idea of the implications of turning down an assignment. Enter a group called Humanity’s Protectors to save her from the corporation and the corporate police that are now gunning for her.

A lot of violence in a short amount of time, and you get a taste of what some of the different abilities are of some of the people in this world. Leeyah is very young, and very whiny, but to have all this tossed at her being so young, then I have to give her a bit of a break, although I think the author made her sound younger than her 16 years. This is a fast paced futuristic story and a good origin story. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars


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