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Uncaged Review – Beside the Music by BJ Knapp

Beside the Music
BJ Knapp

What happens to a marriage when an 80s metal band moves in? Winner of the 2016 Human Relations Indie Book Award, Beside the Music answers the question: can you be one man’s wife and another man’s muse? Brenda and Tim are dealing with enough chaos in their marriage: a run for public office, threat of getting fired at work, and a snooty meddling mother in law. Things get even more complicated when 80s metal sensation Hydra moves into their home to record their comeback album–and soon they also have screaming fans on the front lawn to contend with. Will Brenda and Tim’s marriage survive?


Uncaged Review: This is a really fun, easy read with a truly relatable story. Relatable in the sense that it felt as if I was reading the true testimony (of a couple throughout their marriage). From beginning to end I couldn’t stop thinking about all those 80’s bands like Poison, White Snake, Motley Crue -and so on- and whether they’d be anything like the band in the book or not. And also, it really pleases me that this book has got a pretty strong, definitive ending. Would recommend -to as many 80’s obsessed girls as me as I can find. Rock on! Reviewed by Milady

5 Stars


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