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Uncaged Review: An Imperfect Engagement by Alyssa Drake

An Imperfect Engagement
Alyssa Drake
Romantic Suspense

Kidnapped by the man who murdered her father, nearly beaten to death and severely poisoned; so far, Samantha Hastings’ engagement to Lord Benjamin Westwood has been tumultuous at best.

The killer revels his venomous, revenge plot had assistance, forcing the Hastings and Westwood families to reach out for help, but can they trust every friend? Samantha develops a risky plan to draw the accomplice out of hiding, but this scheme may cost her more than she is willing to sacrifice.

The masked ball approaching and Samantha may not survive until her wedding day because – by the end of the evening – at least one person will die….

Uncaged Review: We follow Samantha adventures once again as. She finally finds out who was responsible for her father’s murder and many more. Samantha is kidnapped and barely escapes with her life intact. But Samantha and company find out that the killer of her father isn’t working alone, so they must try to find out who it is and stop them.

This is a rollercoaster of a read and we find out lots more information in this book. I highly enjoyed it and had laughter at some of Samantha witty remarks.

As the book ends in a cliffhanger I find myself counting down the days until I’m able to read what happens next. Reviewed by Jennifer

5 Stars


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