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Uncaged Review: Inner Voice by Sarah Northwood

Inner Voice
Sarah Northwood
Medical Romance

Every day is a fight against the darkness for Emma and she certainly can’t handle a relationship. She already has a full time job dealing with her lifetime companion anxiety but when she meets the man in the corner her whole life is turned upside down. Who do you trust when everything you knew is wrong and you can’t even trust the voice within?

Uncaged Review: Emma works at a research center trying to find a cure for cancer. Emma doesn’t want to get in a relationship as she is still a bit sore. From the last one. Emma’s a bit of a worrier her inner voice is always working overtime. Emma meets Robert at the research center. They are both shy but strike up a conversation one day. Then Emma slowly start’s to trust Robert.

This book has a lot of key life issues in it. It’s even brave enough to touch on Mental health and self-harm.

There’s a lot of dark twists and turns and Emma has to overcome a lot in this book. But who said life is ever easy. I’m glad I read this.
Reviewed by Jennifer

5 Stars


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