The Waning
Christina Bergling

Beatrix woke up in a small metal cage. A persistent dripping sound her only company. Lost in the darkness. Reeling to remember. Two meals and a lesson. Three graces a day. She had been leaving work to celebrate her promotion, a promotion that was the culmination of her entire ruthless, driven career, a promotion that would cement her status with her marketing firm enough for her to take her relationship with her girlfriend out of the lesbian closet. Beatrix had finally made it. And then she was here, disoriented and petrified in a black she could not define.

Uncaged Review: This is a powerful read, Beatrix was a successful business woman who had a great job, a loving girlfriend and a cute dog. One day she is walking to her car to drive home just like every other day when out of nowhere she is abducted only to awaken inside a steel cage. Just big enough to fit a dog. I couldn’t believe the book I was reading – imagine being Beatrix, imagine being in that cell. This is a great book takes the whole abducted storyline to new extremes. This would make an awesome film. I highly recommend this book. Just wow. Reviewed by Jennifer

5 Stars