Loving a Hero
Cheryl Yeko
Romantic Suspense

Stan allowed emotional baggage from his childhood to ruin a relationship with Shelly. But when she finds herself in danger, she reaches out to him for protection. Given this second chance, he’s determined to win her back, while keeping her safe from a stalker.

Growing up an orphan, Shelly spent her teenage years looking for love in all the wrong places. Pregnant at eighteen, she swore off men to raise her daughter. Years later, the one man she finally gave a chance to broke her heart. But when danger strikes, he’s the first person she turns to.

Can two people overcome their tragic pasts and find a future together?

Uncaged Review: A talent of this author, is to drag you into a story in the first few pages, and in Loving a Hero, you are tossed into the action in the first pages, and it hangs on until you hit the end. Ms. Yeko does not pansy foot around with a lot of descriptive paragraphs that slow the book down, instead she injects the information you need within the story as it all unfolds. I’ve read others that have a similar idea, but they don’t always pull it off like this author.

This is a shorter story, more than a novella, but easy to read in one sitting. And I didn’t want to put this one down once I started, so I made sure I had a couple free hours without disruption. The love story within this suspense is a heartwarming tale of second chances, even from two people with past mistakes – and it just makes them human, believable and likeable. Great story. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars