Ginger Storm
J.P. Rice
Urban Fantasy

A monster lurks inside me. I can barely control the beast.

I was born without innate magical ability. One fateful day, the Morrigan showed me how to steal pure and black magic through blood rituals. Now that I’m filled with deadly magic, I struggle to deal with the darkness.

My powers also make me a prime target for jealous Gods and the stupid magic councils.

But when an enchanted relic that has haunted me for most of my life goes missing in my old stomping grounds, I shove fear aside and return to the city where everyone wants me dead.

To find Lugh’s Spear, I’ll need to team up with former enemies and figure out which one of my allies is lying to me.

With several powerful enemies closing in on me, I could leave town and take the easy way out.

Unfortunately for them, I never take the easy way out. I plan to find Lugh’s Spear and return it to the Celtic Gods.

One big problem. My black magic blood can turn me into a violent maniac at the drop of a hat. If I can control my inner darkness, I know I can solve the mystery.

Uncaged Review: This is a good urban fantasy, but it took me awhile to get really invested in it. I didn’t connect with Junipher right away – but she’s a strong lead and this is a beginning to a series that I believe will get better and better. There is a lot going on, so you need to stay alert. What I thought was pretty cool is that all the pantheons are represented in this series. Celtic, Greek and Norse Gods are in attendance. Although I’m not a huge fan of first person narratives, the author does a pretty good job with this one, and I never felt I was missing a whole lot.

I think this is a book that readers need to push past the beginning and keep going, it does pick up speed and become a good page turner.
Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars