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Uncaged Review – Playing Jasper by Ginger Ring

Playing Jasper
Ginger Ring
Mafia Romance

I love to play the game.

Love them and leave them.

Then I met my match, Jackie Smith, and everything changed.

She’s a reporter, and I’m a made man. It’s a disaster waiting to happen. It doesn’t matter that she could shatter my life and all I’ve worked for…I want her.

Underneath her sweet, caring exterior, she’s hiding pain from her past, and yearning for revenge. I can leverage this to my advantage. I can demand her loyalty, her unconditional love.

It’s the same game, with a bit of a twist.

The only problem is…she might be playing me.

Uncaged Review: This is a book I was truly looking forward to reading, especially after meeting Jasper in Destroying Dominic. Jasper is a smooth ladies man, love ‘em and leave ‘em kind of guy. But don’t be fooled by his great looks – he’s just as dangerous as the rest of them, maybe even more so. Enter Jackie, an ex-reporter looking to find the people that killed her parents, so as you read, you never know if she’s just setting up the family – at times you think she is – or if the family is using her. Nothing goes on in Roman’s town that he doesn’t know about, I learned that fast in these books, so I doubt Jackie is as secretive as she thinks or as innocent.

But Jasper is smitten, and the book is romantic and dangerous at the same time. There several twists that happen that I didn’t expect – and the mafia part of the book is back and deadly, even more so than in the last book.
How do you reconcile loving characters that part of a mob? Even though it’s dangerous, these guys and ladies have hearts of gold, and nothing is safer than being in the “family.”

And as I personally live very close to the city in which this book is based in, there have always been talks and rumors about the mafia in this area. So even though this is fiction, it’s not out of the scope of realism for the real world. The author also integrates real life places, such as a historic winery that is close by. A highly recommended series. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars


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