Fallen Academy: Year Four
Leia Stone
Urban Fantasy

Lucifer isn’t happy about Brielle’s escape from hell and he plans to make that known to the inhabitants of earth. Chaos has descended on Angel City and the Fallen Army needs to do everything they can to keep it from falling. Meanwhile, Brielle is training for the fight of a lifetime. She’s ready to fulfill the prophecy. Lucy’s going down.

Uncaged Review: This book is bittersweet for me, it’s the end of a 4 book series, and it goes out with a bang. Plenty of action and it’s time for Brielle to kill Lucifer and fulfill the prophecy, all of Angel City is in chaos, and the demons are gaining ground. This book wraps everything up with plenty of action and humor, and the friendships are as strong as ever, even Tiffany doesn’t make me want to poke her eyes out. This book is a fitting conclusion and even though I do highly recommend the full series.

This book also sets up a spin-off series for this world, with the Demon Hunter Academy – a series that I am definitely looking forward to. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars