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Uncaged Review – Daddy Duty by Shane Silvers

Daddy Duty
Shane Silvers
Urban Fantasy

Two teenaged weredragons. Two terrible dads. A Johnson Beaver concert. A nest of vampires…

Nate Temple and his pal Alucard just want a little peace and quiet after the events of TINY GODS, but it just isn’t in the cards for them. Tory leaves town and asks them to watch over the rebellious Reds. But the girls have other plans.

When love is in the air, there is nothing a teenager wouldn’t do. And there is nothing a dad wouldn’t do to keep them safe. Even if it involves a Johnson Beaver concert, a magical djinn, and a herd of centaurs.

This wild, fast-paced novella is a nice breather after the events of TINY GODS, and brings back a whole lot of pain and humor to Nate Temple. If he can successfully reason with the estrogen-filled shifter dragons before they burn Kansas City to the ground..

Uncaged Review: What could possibly go wrong having Alucard and Nate watching over 3 hormonal teenage shifter girls for one night? Well, when it comes to Nate’s world and his kind of luck, just about everything. This book jumps out of the gate pretty fast, with Nate stealing a book from the Centaurs, with them trying to kill him, and Alucard losing the girls, Nate and Alucard are on their way to Kansas City to retrieve them. But it’s a lot more complicated than just finding the three girls, and the comical moments along the way will entertain you and keep you smiling. One thing this book does do, is give you a much better picture of Alucard and his past. So don’t skip this book in the series, it’s worth every chuckle. Alucard is not just Nate’s sidekick – he’s much more bad-ass than he seems. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars


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