Dragons & Demigods
Orlando A. Sanchez
Urban Fantasy

Revenge is a dish best served cold…unless dragons are involved. Then make it hot, flaming hot.

George Rott wants revenge. After the death of his daughter, Cassandra, he vowed to find and destroy all the dragons. When he locates one of their hidden enclaves within the city, he enlists the help of an angry and unstable demigod to make them all pay.

If he launches an attack, he risks angering the dragons, plunging the city into an all-out war, and getting the unwanted attention of powerful gods. Now Simon, with Tristan’s help must find and stop George before he turns the city into his personal battlefield, killing them all.

Will Tristan and Simon find George in time? Will they avoid becoming dragon dinner?

Uncaged Review: I’m still not convinced that Mr. Sanchez isn’t a genius that has snuck out of Hogwarts. The author’s imagination for the different magic that is used in these books, and the detail that is explained, is off the charts. Now he’s pulling off terrifying dragons and demigods. Seriously, I’m running out of good things to say about this series. I get so lost in the book, that it takes me a bit to unwind my brain for normal life. This is an action packed series and this book even deals with how someone deals with the death of a loved one, but still doesn’t go into that dark place – does it with realistic emotions and you feel the pain. I wasn’t sure how Monty, Simon and Peaches were going to get out of this one, and I’m not giving anything away. But it’s a great ride, and this series deserves more than 5 stars.
Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars