R.M. Gauthier

The Mystery of Landon Miller deepens…

Landon’s abrupt departure from Alexandria’s living room, and her life, leaves her feeling abandoned and more determined than ever to rescue the man she loves. Teaming up with her best friend and an unlikely accomplice, Lexi travels across the world, seeking answers to questions that are better left unasked. In a cat and mouse chase through foreign lands and on home soil, Lexi finds herself caught up in a world of crime and punishment, where the cost of curiosity may just be her very life.

Uncaged Review: After the cliffhanger of book one featuring Mr Landon Miller, we dive straight in with book two and The mystery of Landon. And the horrible Alistair who claimed Landon as his own sub like years before. Lexi travels to Italy to bring back Landon, will she succeed? This is a awesome read and leaves you on a roller coaster of emotions. I’m desperate to find out what is to happen to Lexi and Mr Miller. Can’t wait until book three is out. Reviewed by Jennifer

5 Stars