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Uncaged Review: Torn by Vengeance by Sally Brandle

Torn by Vengeance
Sally Brandle
Romantic Suspense

Corrin Patten is solidly on a path to make partner in a prestigious Seattle law firm when an ominous threat from her past turns deadly. She can handle circumstances necessitating a temporary move to the backwater town of Emma Springs, but its charming physician is another matter, as she’s issued a permanent moratorium on men.

Dr. Kyle Werner revels in trust from patients he regularly treats in a community he’s never wished to leave. Yet Emma Springs lacks one thing, a woman to share his perfectly bucolic life. He’s read about pheromone attraction, but never experienced desire until meeting Corrin. They make an unbeatable team, but convincing her that his interest is sincere while they dissect layers of deceit requires the precision of a surgeon’s scalpel. Can they defeat the wealthy stalker bent on mistaken revenge against Corrin and destruction of the peaceful Montana setting?

Uncaged Review: I love how this author takes us to Emma Springs. The way this town and area are described makes me feel like I’ve actually been there and the author is bringing up memories – that is truly a gift. This is the 2nd book in this series, and it’s a solid suspense. Corrin is staying in Emma Springs after she receives threats on her life in Seattle as a lawyer, at least until the threat is over. But she didn’t count on meeting Kyle, a country doctor. This sort of reminded me of the movie Doc Hollywood in reverse, where Michael J. Fox’s character was stranded in a small town and worked as the town doctor for a short time. But even though Corrin is hiding, the danger finds her anyway.

This is a nice suspenseful and clean romance that brews nicely and it’s nice to watch the attraction grow between the two with the twists along the way. These are books that I may go back and reread all in a row, and even though they are one series – you can easily read them as standalones.
Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars

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