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Uncaged Review – The Vanquished by Jessica V. Fisette

The Vanquished
Jessica V. Fisette
New Adult/Fantasy

Kendra Stephens only wants to survive her first semester at Braxton Law without flunking out. However, she can’t catch a break from the horrid nightmares and dangerous, unexplainable happenings that only worsen at meeting Alaric A’mswirth, a mysterious man whom she suspects to be the cause of her terrors—and is undeniably the reason she’s still alive. A man who, one minute, is about to kiss her and the next wanst nothing to do with her. Kendra doesn’t remember him or how they are connected, yet as memories resurface she vows to uncover the truth about the residents of the strange town she now calls home and the man that haunts her dreams. Nothing is as it seems as she is plunged into a world filled with trickery, betrayal, and dark desire.

Uncaged Review: The very ordinary life of a girl getting ready to go off to college, and even though she could have chosen any school she wanted to go to study law, she chooses Braxton Law, a college that has kept its historical integrity. Kendra has started having nightmares, and when she gets to college, they only get worse, and the hot guy across the hall, Alaric, isn’t helping matters with his hot and cold attitude. When someone tries to kill Kendra, she has no idea why, but Alaric is there to save her. The next morning, the would-be killers are dead. Kendra starts to get suspicious and wonders if Alaric is more than what he seems on the outside. But everything will reveal itself…

This is a love story, that does transcend time – and when everything starts clicking into place, you’ll be turning pages quicker and quicker to get to the end. The ending was satisfying, and I hope the author returns to this world soon.
Reviewed by Cyrene

4 1/2 Stars


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