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Uncaged Review – The Thirteenth Knight by Tricia Andersen

The Thirteenth Knight
Tricia Andersen
YA Fantasy

Will becoming a knight bring Miranda back to Thatcher – or will dark magic and the King himself keep them apart?

Life is simple in the village when Thatcher and Miranda realize that their lifelong friendship has turned to love. Their world is turned upside down when Miranda’s true identity is revealed – she is the niece of the kingdom and the next heir to the throne. She is swept away to the palace giving Thatcher the only solution available to him. He will become one of the King’s knights and therefore worthy of Miranda’s hand. 
When dark magic strikes the kingdom, it is Thatcher’s bravery that saves the King and the kingdom. Yet being a knight is not enough nobility to marry the woman he loves. When the source of the dark magic captures the palace and vows to make Miranda his bride, both Miranda and Thatcher work to overthrow him. Will it be enough to bring them together – or will dark magic and the King himself keep them apart?

Uncaged Review: A fast paced, shorter novella that easily pulls you into the story. Miranda is raised in a village, with the simple life along with Thatcher – a farmer’s son. Together they grow up, and in time, fall in love. When it’s revealed that Miranda is not just a villager’s daughter, but in fact royalty, she is swept back to the castle by her Uncle, the King – who will find her a suitable husband. Thatcher vows to find her by becoming a Knight. But the castle is taken over by dark magic and only time will tell if they can break the spell to save the kingdom and Miranda.

A story of love, betrayal and secrets – this is a quick read and entertaining. I would have rather seen a bit more meat to the book, as I never really connected with Miranda or Thatcher, there really wasn’t much time to do it, and I never got a sense of what they looked like in my mind. On the plus side, there is very little fat in the book, and it kept its pace well.  Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars


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