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Uncaged Review: The Look of Love by Meara Platt

The Look of Love
Meara Platt
Regency Historical

When Lady Olivia Gosling finds The Book of Love in a musty bookshop, she is most eager to try out its love “recipes” on someone safe.

Did she say safe?

Well, Beast isn’t really safe, but with her odious guardian about to marry her off to one of his unsavory friends, Olivia needs her childhood friend to fall in love with her… fast. If Beast can love her, then any man she chooses will surely do the same.

Alexander Beastling, Duke of Hartford, is known as Beast among the ton. He is big and muscled, and there is a dark aura of mystery about him that he makes no effort to dispel. Now that he’s returned from battle, he’s appalled to learn of the marriage plans Lady Olivia’s loathsome guardian has for her. Beast has decided that he will help her find a proper husband, even if it means putting up with her ridiculous experiments taken out of a book she refers to as The Book of Love. Olivia calls them magical recipes for love.

Is it possible they actually work? Because suddenly, Beast can’t seem to get Olivia out of his mind… or his heart.

Uncaged Review: Olivia finds a book, or I should
say the book finds her by falling on her head, in
an old bookshop, the book is called The Book of
Love, and Olivia is anxious to read and try out
the book in order to find a match for the season.
Olivia is in a bind of sorts, seeing how her parents
died and her guardian has the mind to match her
off with a man of questionable morals for money.
With no dowry, she decides to try out some of the
book’s advice on Beast, a childhood friend. But we
can’t see that backfiring at all now can we….
But Alexander (Beast) is beginning to see Olivia as
more than that childhood friend and his protection
instincts toward her are beginning to take over all
of his thoughts. Is the book working?

Or was Olivia and Beast always meant to be together?
This is a slow burn romance, and a fun one
getting there. Seeing the romance develop kept me
hooked, and I am looking forward to book two in
the series.
Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars


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