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Uncaged Review: The Dragon God’s Mate by Harlow Blaze

The Dragon God’s Mate
Harlow Blaze
Fantasy Romance – Novella

In the beginning, Atlas created the dragon shifters. He made one tiny mistake.
As the all-male dragons teeter on the brink of extinction, Atlas hatches a plan. Fragments of his divine soul could transform humans into dragon mates.

He’s missing one ingredient—someone to help cast his spell.

As soon as Atlas sees the stunning young woman in Central Park, his inner beast knows she’s the one.

It’s a little medieval, but he is a god, after all. If he can’t kidnap the odd maiden, then what’s the point?

But Zoe’s call to his instincts is dangerously strong. Atlas longs to claim her, but he has to stay focused. Saving his race is more important than the tempting human in his lair.


All Zoe wanted was to experience some magic and have a family of her own. Instead, she’s left nursing a major broken heart.

After dealing with a cheating shifter fiancé, she’s done with asshole dragons. She needs to stay the hell out of his way, but when your angry ex can fly, it adds a whole new dimension to lying low.

Enter Atlas—arrogant, sinfully sexy, and in serious need of ground rules about casual nudity.

A divine baby-making experiment isn’t a good avoidance strategy, but Zoe could never resist a little magic. Besides, a god makes a great bodyguard.

But when the spell has unintended side effects, things get hotter than she bargained for.

Uncaged Review: This is a prequel novella to a new series, and you can get this free on Amazon,
or you can get the “fan version” by subscribing to the author’s newsletter, which has the added
bonus of an epilogue. This is a good, interesting and original storyline and origin of the dragons and their mates in this beginning. And I think it will enhance anyone’s reading if they read this one first. The author does a fantastic job of describing the dragons, and the action involved. All her dragons are dragons, even in human form, and I like that the author holds that throughout.

There is some good action sequences and steamy sex scenes, but a HEA is at the end of it. Good start. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars


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