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Uncaged Review – Seductive Secrets by Elizabeth Rose

Seductive Secrets
Elizabeth Rose
Medieval Historical

The Lady:.Lady Willow Douglas holds the power of persuasion and can charm men with her appearance as well as her words. But when her skill doesn’t work on Sir Conrad Lochwood, he becomes a thorn in her side. The autumn festival is about to start, and all the eligible, rich, single noblemen are arriving. She has decided to find a husband, but unfortunately her father has other plans. He’s hired Sir Conrad to keep her away from all the men until his return.
The Guardian:

When a visiting earl’s prize ruby is stolen, Willow steps in without hesitation to use her skills to figure out which of the guests is the thief. But with Sir Conrad constantly looking over her shoulder and dragging her away from everyone, she finds it difficult to accomplish anything. She is a member of the queen’s secret group of strong women and feels the need to find and return the ruby to help the earl out of a terrible predicament that involves the king.

Can a strong woman who is determined to catch a thief accomplish her task before a dashing knight steals her heart away?

Uncaged Review: For the second book in this series, we are following Willow’s story. Even though these are part of a series, this book does well as a standalone, but there are instances and characters mentioned from the first book that will enhance this story for you, so I really recommend you start at the beginning with Fia’s story to get all the background.

I can honestly say, I couldn’t stand Willow in the beginning of this book – but out of respect for the author, I hung in there and kept reading. She acted like a spoiled brat who thought of no one but herself. But as I read, I saw the transformation take place and watched the growth of Willow. Blessed with the powers of persuasion, in the beginning she only used the ability to get what she wanted – but later on uses it to help catch a thief. There are some good twists and turns that did surprise me, and the author managed to change my feelings about Willow. So even if you don’t like Willow in the beginning, keep reading – it’s worth it in the end. Reviewed by Cyrene

4.5 Stars


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