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Uncaged Review: Securing Sidney by Susan Stoker

Securing Sidney
Susan Stoker
Romantic Suspense

For Sidney Hale, rescuing dogs is more than a hobby. It’s a calling. A deep-seated need. An unstoppable compulsion. For reasons so unsettling, she shares them with no one…until she meets Decker. After coming to her rescue while Sidney battled to save a dog—literally—the gorgeous SEAL proves he can be trusted with her secrets, her safety…maybe even her heart.

Saving an abused pit bull from a suspected dog fighter brings Decker “Gumby” Kincade not only the dog he’s always wanted, but the first woman in ages to catch his interest. Sidney’s reason for rescuing Hannah, and animals like her, is shocking…but it makes Gumby want her even more. Her harrowing past has made her the strong, brave, compassionate woman she is today. She could be The One…if Gumby can help curb her habit of putting herself squarely in danger’s path.

But he may be too late. Hannah’s previous owner is enraged over her loss…and looking for revenge.

Uncaged Review: Sidney Hale has an unstoppable, deeply ingrained compulsion to rescue dogs, even if it means placing herself in danger’s way. A recent hand to hand confrontation with a suspected dogfighter to save a Pitbull brings her face to face with Decker “Gumby” Kincade, Navy SEAL and fellow dog lover. Decker, who had a close call in Bahrain while on a mission, has had a change of plans for his life. Literally running into Sidney is an eye-opening and heart -opening experience. This book is a standalone in the series, with no cliffhanger and provides its own HEA. However, other characters and situations from book 1 are featured predominately and the reader would have a better understanding if they read book 1 first.

Sidney is no shrinking violet. A rough childhood turned her into a fearless, compassionate, and independent woman who goes after what she believes in, sometimes to her own detriment. Decker is a Navy SEAL and has a protective streak at least a mile long. He is the kind of tough and tender, patient and understanding man every woman secretly wants—and deserves. Their fast connection is organic. These are two imperfect, emotionally damaged people coming together at the right time in their lives. Readers will not be able to help but root for them.

This story is edgy, gritty, suspenseful, with page-turning anticipation. Profanity does flow liberally, but it is in context to the character’s dialogue. The first—and only—sex scene does not happen until three-fourths through, but it is very explicit. Sometimes the dialogue between characters or internal monologues seem repetitive. The conclusion was expected and lacked originality but did give a satisfying HEA and a nice lead-in to the next book in the series.

Caution, this book does look at the harsh reality of dog fighting and other abusive crimes. Some scenes and descriptions may be upsetting to certain readers. Reviewed by Ryan Jo

4 Stars

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