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Uncaged Review: School Monitor by Alex Dunn

School Monitor
Alex Dunn
Young Adult/Contemporary

Richard refuses to believe his socially awkward twin Chrissie has an unhealthy obsession with him. He’s too busy making films and having fun with his best friends, but when the twins are sent to St. Bart’s boarding school, Richard finds himself trapped in a real life psychological horror when he’s framed for stealing, and on a mission to clear his name, discovers he’s not the only actor in his family.

Uncaged Review: Rich and Chrissie are twins. Rich feels very protective of his sister after she tried to take her own life at her old school. When there dad gets a new job the twins get packed off to boarding school where their dad’s boss’ son is attending. Been well warned to not let anything happen to his sister while attending the school. He’s pleased to see her making friends until things take a nasty turn for Rich as he’s found to be a thief and the bullying starts.
I felt so sorry for Rich and what he had to put up with at his time at school. I felt my throat go very dry and tight while reading what he was subjected to. The author doesn’t leave any details out of the bullying that goes on at this school.
This is a powerful read and just shows what can happen if people are believed by the lies and stories they spread.
Yet another great read by this author.
Reviewed by Jennifer

5 Stars


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