Uncaged Review – Run Girl Run by Ellen Y. Mueller


Run Girl Run
Ellen Y. Mueller
YA Contemporary

Sixteen-year-old Tracie lives in a house divided by fear and a family secret she has yet to discover. Her grandma provides a hint and the tools to unearth the past. Are the clues the answer to her prayers? If so, she’ll take her younger brother, Jason, and split. One night, when her dad is in one of his violent rages, opportunity pounds on Tracie’s door. Cal, a male friend, offers an escape. But there’s a catch. She can’t sneak Jason out with their parents watching, and her father demands Cal leave immediately. On a whim, she goes, too. After all, Cal just wants to keep her safe and swears to have her best interest at heart. Caught in a current of lies and deception, Tracie’s swept farther from home than she ever expects. She can’t trust anyone, not even her mother. Exposing the secret may save Tracie and her little brother, but at what cost?

4.5 Stars