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Uncaged Review – A Man’s Gotta Eat What a Man’s Gotta Eat by Dana Fredsti

A Man’s Gotta Eat What a Man’s Gotta Eat
Dana Fredsti

Chuck T-Bone is a private detective—A P.I. A gumshoe. A dick.

He also happens to be a zombie, in a world where the zombies have taken over, and “fresh meat” is a rare commodity. Where you go into a diner to order an elbow joint with a side of toes. But nothing’s really changed—the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, at least until they fall apart altogether.

When a curvaceous member of a famous crime family walks into his office, he’s forced to reopen a case he’d just as soon forget. It’s the one that introduced him to the dame who stole his heart—and got him killed. Trouble is, if it happens again, this time it’s for good.

Uncaged Review: A place where even if you get turned into one of the undead, you can still hold down a job as long as you keep the air conditioning high to stop your rotting even more. Chuck T-Bone is a P.I and forced to relive his past and memories of how he got turned into a zombie. It was all because of a girl now year’s later he has to work a case that involves her again.

This is a very short book but packs quite a punch. This was also the authors first ever zombie book she wrote way back in the day. She’s still holding her own up there as Queen of the Zombies. A must read for any new fan of Zombies. Reviewed by Jennifer

5 Stars


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