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Uncaged Review: Revenants, Season 1, Episode 1 by Williams and Harlow

Revenants, Season 1, Episode 1
Williams & Harlow

When the zombies arrived twenty-five years ago, the world didn’t end. People adapted and learned to live with them. There are two varieties of zombies. Gerries wander around slowly and aimlessly. Renals are always at an eleven. The only thing that they want is to eat and they always sprint towards that goal.

But now a new variety has surfaced: Revenants. These are zombies that retain their memories and personalities from when they were living….

Uncaged Review: Another zombie book with a twist this time the zombies are called Gerries. People learn to live with them unless there is a fast zombie, called a renal then they are dangerous and will always catch their meat. We also meet Elliot, a Revenant who is a zombie that doesn’t kill humans. We also meet a few other strange characters. This book is set up nicely for a sequel and it was a funny read, with some witty comments. I really can’t wait to get back to Elliot and the gang. Reviewed by Jennifer

4 Stars


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