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Uncaged Review: Oracle’s Haunt by Shannon Mayer

Oracle’s Haunt
Shannon Mayer
Urban Fantasy

Hope is a four letter word. Yet, I can’t help but hope that the Oracle will be the answer to what I seek.

But getting to the Oracle is no small thing as she resides in the center of the Blasted lands—toxic waste, lava, and monsters. And as the alpha of our Pride, it’s up to me to act responsibly and not get my people all killed.

Driving us from behind comes the desert goddess whose rage is centered on me, and with her is a new ally, who still holds my heart in his hands. One whose voice calls to me still.

Eyes on the prize, I will push forward, even though hope feels weak and pointless. Along the way, maybe my heart will heal, maybe I’ll bring my brother back from the dead, maybe this will turn out okay after all.

Or maybe I will lose everything, and everyone I hold dear and discover I’m not meant to save anyone.

Hope might spring eternal, but she’s a right bitch as far as I can see.

Uncaged Review: The fourth book in this series is
one jam packed action novel. Zamira needs to get
to the Oracle to get the answers she needs to save
her brother, Maks and end the terror of the Emperor
getting free. During this book, she will gain new
members to her journey, and lose more too. On top of
all that, Zam’s pride breaks apart because of Steve,
and Maks goes into deep sleep so that his body that
Marsum has taken over will not be able to sway Zam.
Zam still holds out the hope that she can find a way to
bring Maks back.

This is a wild ride, and you will need to hang on as
Zam gets herself into some very dangerous situations
and she learns more about the magic within her. This
storyline is so intricately woven that it would be easy
to miss stuff, but it’s a magical and well written story.
I think there are too many “bad guys” in this and too
many are after Zam and very little down time for her
and her group. So block off some time, because once
you start reading this, it’s hard to put it down. Reviewed
by Cyrene

5 Stars


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