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Uncaged Review – If I Wake by Nikki Moyes

As seen in Issue 5 of Uncaged Book Reviews, a December Top Read.

If I Wake
Nikki Moyes
New Adult/Fantasy Romance

Will is sixteen year old Lucy’s best friend. Their lives intersect in dreams, where destiny pulls them together through different times in history. Even though their meetings are more real to Lucy than the present, Lucy is uncertain if Will exists outside her mind. Lucy’s mum thinks there is something wrong when Lucy sleeps for days at a time. She is so caught up with finding a cure she doesn’t see the real problem. Lucy is bullied at school and is thinking of ending her life.When the bullying goes too far and Lucy ends up in a coma, only Will can reach her. But how do you live when the only person who can save you doesn’t exist?

Uncaged Review: This book had me at the first page Lucy Philips is in a coma listening to her Mother. Telling her she has to wake up and open her eyes Lucy is unsure what to do. This is Lucy’s story.
Lucy is a girl who hides away like a little mouse trying to go unnoticed by the world and everyone in it. She has no friends and is constantly bullied fitting in nowhere apart from in her dreams. Every so often she is thrown into a strange new timeline in history. Where the only same occurrence is Will, a boy she is convinced she has to save. In fairness I think it’s Will that saves Lucy as he communicates through Lucy’s dream world only to Lucy it’s by real life. Lucy has given up on life or ever been loved or happy but just by Will showing Lucy simple kindness. Will teaches Lucy that life is worth living and things always get better. It just might not seem like it at the time.
This book had a beautiful message to the readers and was a pleasure to read. I myself have felt as Lucy before but realized that this does pass eventually. A story I’m sure everyone can relate to at some point in life.
Reviewed by Jennifer

5 Stars


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