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Uncaged Review – Highland Faith by Madelyn Hill

Highland Faith
Madelyn Hill
Historical Highlands

Lady Faith longed for adventure. Be careful what you wish for . . .

Huntress Lady Faith MacAlister seeks adventure. Her father’s dying pledge tethers her to Wild Thistle Keep, thwarting her desire to explore the world beyond the palisade. Solace is found while hunting and providing sustenance for her clan. When snatched from the safety of MacAlister lands by a rogue bent on securing a ransom, she finds the adventure of her life.

Disgraced Captain Graeme Ross travels the high seas in search of bounty to sell in order to secure lands seized by the Crown. He longs to regain his honor in his father’s eyes and continually risks his life on the high seas. Lacking enough funds, Graeme and his crew follow Lady Faith MacAlister as she hunts. Out of need and desire, he kidnaps her. The lady captivates him for the moment he laid eyes upon her. Bold and spirited, she fights him. When he negotiates a ransom, deception tears the burgeoning romance apart.

Now, Lady Faith and Captain Ross seek to settle those differences hindering their union, despite the stretch of land and sea—and angry Highlanders standing between them. 

Uncaged Review: The second book in this trilogy gives us the story of Faith. The three sisters from Clan MacAlister, were intended to rule together, per their father’s wishes. But Faith is not like other ladies, she’s a keen hunter and provides meat for the clan with her hunting skills. While out on an extended hunting trip, she is captured and taken aboard a ship. Graeme Ross needs the final coin to free his father’s lands from the Crown, and plans to use the ransom money from Faith’s Clan. But he didn’t bargain on Faith enchanting not only him, but also his crew.

Faith is strong and spirited and easy to cheer for, and the reader can easily get attached to Graeme and his entire misfit crew on the ship. There is plenty to love about this story, family, love, betrayal and even dangerous seas, the author keeps you turning the pages with a well-developed story and secondary characters.
Reviewed by Cyrene

4 1/2 Stars


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