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Uncaged Review – Redemption by Kim Loraine

Kim Loraine
Contemporary Romance

Sparks may fly in the bedroom, but fire always brings destruction.

Golden Beach firefighter Lieutenant Michael Oliver has everything he wants: a beautiful wife, a job he loves, and a future that finally looks bright after years of darkness. Until one day a surprise from his past shows up, throwing everything he’d finally recovered from back in his face.

Lena Shirakawa married the man of her dreams in an impulsive Vegas wedding. As a free-spirited and highly sought-after travel photographer, being the wife of a firefighter who wants her to settle down isn’t easy. Especially when her job takes her all over the world for months at a time.

When Lena’s deep-rooted fears take hold, the damage is done and divorce seems the only option. But Michael won’t give up, even if it means risking everything to keep her.

Uncaged Review: I read this very quickly it’s nothing special just a normal romantic book. The key elements that make this book work is a lot of drama and real life situations. There is a few books out there by this author with some of the same characters mentioned here. Thankfully they are all standalone books like this. The clever thing this author has achieved is a part from me liking this book, she’s made me want to go back and read all the others. I’m pretty sure any fans of romance and drama will love this. Reviewed by Jennifer

4 Stars


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