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Uncaged Review: Deception by Victoria Saccenti

Victoria Saccenti
Contemporary Military Romance

Her submission is his sweet revenge…until the truth detonates his plans.

When Joe learns Hunter’s name, his inner Dom’s lust turns to black rage—he’s convinced it’s her fault a teammate committed combat suicide. He embarks on a plan to seduce her, but by the time her sweetness ensnares him, the truth threatens what could be the love of a lifetime.

Uncaged Review: I was pleasantly surprised by this
book – as when I picked it up and saw it was another
dom/sub genre, I almost groaned. The market has
been saturated with these since the Grey movies, but
this is a good read and not like many others just trying
to make a play on the genre.

When Joe believes that the waitress he meets, Hunter
is responsible for a teammate’s death, he sets out for
revenge by turning her into his submissive. But there
are enough twists and turns in this book, that you will
question many different scenerios before all the truths
are revealed. This is a good read for those who aren’t
shy of a bit of hot sex and a good suspense.

4 Stars


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