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Uncaged Review: The Story Between Us by Darlene Deluca

The Story Between Us
Darlene Deluca
Sweet Contemporary Romance

Her agent warned her not to get attached to a fan. But children’s book author Kristen Hanover is about to break the rules. Kristen meets a young boy who is a victim of a tragic accident and is drawn into the heartbreaking situation.

Six years ago, Reed Armstrong never imagined he’d actually become guardian of his sister’s boy. Now he is, and most days he’s not sure he’s up to the task. When he and Dylan meet Kristen, Reed downplays his nephew’s crush on the author. But as their lives become unexpectedly intertwined, he finds himself captivated as well.

Trouble is, she sells stories for a living. Does she truly care about Dylan…and Reed, or is she using them for her own career advancement?

Uncaged Review: A nice feel good book that will
help you remember that there is good all around
us, we just have to be open to it. Reed was turned
into an insta-dad to his nephew, Dylan, and he
stumbles in his new role at times, but when the
two of them meet Kristen, a children’s author
and a favorite of Dylan’s, their lives will change
forever. Does Kristen really care about Reed and
Dylan, or is she looking for another story?

Set your tissue box close, there are some truly
heartbreaking moments, and also some of the
great moments that will keep you turning pages.
This is one of those books you’ll think of long
after you finish it.

5 Stars


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