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Uncaged Review: Carnival of Lies by Laura Greenwood

Carnival of Lies
Laura Greenwood

Paranormal Fantasy

Trapped at the mysterious Carnival, witch-turned-vampire, Rina, knows there’s something not right about the way things are run.

Unable to do anything about it, she spends her time practising her lion taming act, hanging out with her best friend, and falling for her former sweetheart for the second time.

Carnival Of Lies is a prequel to the urban fantasy series, Carnival Of Blades, which includes a low heat m/f romantic sub-plot, vampires, and a sinister carnival.

Uncaged Review: This prequel introduces the Carnival
of Blades series and this book actually focuses
on one of the acts, Rina – a vampire who has a lion
taming act with lion shifters and how she finds and
falls back in love with her first love. Book one in this
series will come out in September 2021 and will focus
on Rina’s best friend Caoimhe who we also meet in
this prequel.
This is a good prequel, and it was a unique telling of
this world and a carnival that things just aren’t all as
they seem. The supernaturals that are here are stuck
here, they can never leave. Reminds me of Hotel
California. But when Rina has an assignment outside
the carnival grounds, will she take the opportunity to
Unfortunately, things don’t go well for Caoimhe – but
we will have to find out more in book one.

4 Stars


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