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Uncaged Review – Control by R.M. Gauthier

To read an interview with R.M. Gauthier, please see the Uncaged Book Reviews, March 2017 edition.

R.M. Gauthier

When Alexandria married David Shaw, she thought she had everything she always wanted. Five years later, as David climbed the corporate ladder, Alexandria felt left behind. Sitting on the board of several charities was no longer enough for her. Looking to her best friend Haley Rose for advice, she stumbles upon Haley’s secret lifestyle. When Alexandria goes to an exclusive club with Haley one night, meeting one man will turn her life on its axis.
Landon Miller is the owner of the exclusive club. He is a self-made millionaire who has guided his company, Miller Holdings, to the top of the Fortune Five Hundred by the age of 30. At 35, he has made a lifestyle choice with no plans of changing his ways, but what is hidden beneath his expensive suit remains a mystery to everyone who knows him.
When Alexandria and Landon’s eyes first meet the draw to one another is overwhelming, but with Landon’s mixed signals and Alexandria’s inexperience, getting to know one another becomes that much more difficult.
Centered within Landon’s exclusive club, Alexandria is pulled into a world of danger and a web of deceit. After one man turns up dead, and another man lurking around making his presence evident, Alexandria has no idea what to believe. When the FBI turns up on her doorstep to investigate all three men she is left being pulled into a world of crime and punishment. With a club full of domineering men, she wonders who the killer is and who is trustworthy.
With a shocking twist the end that will reveal nothing is what it seems leaving Alexandria back at square one.

Uncaged Review: 

This is marketed at a psychological thriller, BDSM, and erotic. It’s not really any of those things, and it is. It does have a great deal of mystery, and some BDSM, but the erotic is nothing more than any sex in a romance these days. And it’s infrequent. I’ll start by saying, that normally I am not a huge fan of BDSM, but the respectful way it’s portrayed here, is mesmerizing. Lexi, who is married to a lawyer who seems to be more married to his job than to her, decides on a night out with her best friend Haley. Haley talks her into going to an exclusive club, but Lexi must obey everything that Haley says and go by the rules. Lexi, trusting her BFF, goes along with it, and when they enter the club, she finds she’s in an exclusive BDSM club, with demonstrations and even playrooms. But for some reason, Lexi catches the eye of Landon, the elusive owner of the club.

I’m not giving away anything more, but the author does a fantastic job with this story, and I had a hard time putting this one down, and this is not my go-to type of story – so that’s saying a lot. I stopped at 4 stars on this one, and I would have easily given it a full 5 star rating, except for the cliffhanger ending, which sucked the life right out of me. Will I read the next installment? You bet. I don’t mind a sedge way into the next installment, but I’m not a fan of books that demand you read the next one to complete the story arc. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars


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