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Uncaged Review – Beneath Deception by A.L. Long

Beneath Deception
A.L. Long
Romantic Suspense

Everyone has a story and for Xavier London, he preferred to keep his hidden. As ruthless as he was, he still had morals and those morals included betraying the one man who saved his life. He never thought that meeting one woman could change everything. 

Tessa Sands never knew the truth about her life, nor did she ever question it. The only life she knew was the one she was taught, disciplined by the man who raised and groomed her to be only his. But, when another man entered her life, she slowly begins to discover that she had been deceived from the start.

Can she find true love or will his secrets get in the way?

Their love for each other will be tested. Only they can determine if love will win. 

Uncaged Review: In this book, we have the ultimate playboy Xavier – whom I didn’t really like at all. The way he treated women was stereo-typical bad boy, love ‘em and leave ‘em, lucky if he remembers their name. He somewhat redeems himself in this book after he meets Tessa, who is being brutalized and abused by a powerful man who is also Xavier’s “boss.”

There was a lot of twists and turns, and the chemistry between Xavier and Tessa was the glue that held this together. There was a bit of a disconnect for me with the book, as there seemed to be too many things that weren’t explained, or left me with even more questions. There were also some lost opportunities with the abuse of Tessa that wasn’t all that realistic. But at the end of the book, I did enjoy the story and would definitely recommend this book to romantic suspense lovers. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars


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