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Uncaged Review – Addict of the Wasteland by Jon Cronshaw – FREE READ

Addict of the Wasteland
Jon Cronshaw

The addict leads a desperate life, stealing and robbing to pay for his next fix.

When the addict arrives at a settlement to hawk some stolen books, its leader offer him something he did not expect: the chance to get clean.

The addict must resist the temptations of a world without hope and live under the strict rules of settlement. And even having help on his side may not be enough…

Uncaged Review: This short story is a prequel to the upcoming novel, Wizard of the Wasteland, and it’s a free read by signing up for the newsletter. It’s a good short story – a dystopian world where many are addicted to a drug called plez. An addict finds temporary sanctuary but he’ll have to kick his addiction to stay.

A lot happens in a short amount of time, and the author does a good job with it. It also did a good job getting my interest up for the main novel coming in 2017. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars

Go to his website, and you’ll see the free read on the right sidebar.


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