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Uncaged Review – A Perilous Pursuit by Diane Gilmore

A Perilous Pursuit
Diane Gilmore
Romantic Suspense

L.A. music insider Taylor Fairchild travels to England to escape a hectic work schedule and failed marriage. There she meets sexy musician Craig Phillips, who, unknown to her, supplements his band’s income by working as a drop man for powerful drug kingpin Robert Cabrera. Their new love burns hot with steamy excitement when Craig returns to the States with Taylor and moves up in the music industry . . . until Craig’s shady past catches up with him and threatens their love as well as their very lives. 

After Craig suddenly disappears in Mexico, Taylor sets out to find him on her own, where a terrifying game of lies, murder, and a vicious drug lord bent on revenge await her. Will Taylor and Craig find each other before the dangerous politics of the dope dollar and the long-buried secrets from Taylor’s past overcome them both?

Uncaged Review: This is a book which will keep you reading. It is good from start to finish, and no, I didn’t see the twist coming.

The story deals with a 25 year old feud and a budding romance. The feud is between Bruce Fairchild and a Roberto Perez who was using their law firm for shady securities. The romance is between Taylor Fairchild, who works for her Father’s Fairchild Management Group which handles celebrities and bands, and Craig Phillips, who play guitar in a band called Fury and is a drop man for a Robert Cabrera on the side to keep the band going.

Taylor meets Craig when her father forces her to take a vacation in London with her best friend, Susan. She has been overworking since her divorce from Derek ‘Diesel’ Barnes, a member of a rock group. She meets the four band members but it isn’t until Craig invites her to dinner, she is able to tell him about her wanting to send a demo recording to her father to see if he wants to manage the band. Of course, this is his dream, so he accepts, believing he will be able to walk away from his role as a drop man for the drug syndicate.

Taylor, who falls in love with Craig sees trouble in paradise when Steve comes to his room after being beaten by a Pierre Montangne, who is an enforcer for Cabrera. The band does go to America from England and get accepted and become famous. Now you know things can’t go smoothly here, and it doesn’t. Cabrera is now in Mexico. He wants Craig back working for him, unwilling to let the best drop man he ever had get away again. He also sees a way of getting even with Fairchild, the man who put him in prison 25 years ago.
From this point on, you don’t want to put the book down as things deteriorate. This is a must read if you like a great romance with a lot of suspense. It is definitely a 5 star read. Reviewed by Barbara

5 Stars


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