Total Scam Website – That’s Great News

An author friend sent me to a website that is abusing and scamming people for money and using Uncaged Book Reviews to do it. Here is the website

Uncaged Review – Blending In by R.J. Blain

Blending In R.J. Blain Urban Fantasy/Holiday Thanks to a jealous divine, whenever Chase Butler comes anywhere near Miriah, she turns into a chameleon. While her hopes of having...

Uncaged Review – Sixth Prime by Dan O’Brien

Sixth Prime Dan O’Brien SciFi/Dystopian Conflict grips the galaxy. A tense peace treaty has been signed between the Sovereignty and the Commonwealth.  On the other side of the galaxy an eccentric artist, Ale Euclid, on the cusp of...

Author Interview – S.J. Francis

As seen in the January issue of Uncaged Book Reviews. Uncaged: First of all, I want to thank you for your service. You are a veteran, but you also have quite a varied background and...

Monthly Cover Voting

Time to vote for September & October 2018 Covers! The top 2 covers with the most votes will continue on to the Raven Awards 2019 semi-finals starting in July!

Uncaged Book Covers

Did you know that Uncaged is now offering book covers at affordable prices? There is a selection of Pre-mades available now with more being added regularly. All pre-mades will be customized to...

Interview with Author Madelyn Hill

As seen in the December issue of Uncaged Book Reviews. Uncaged: You are well known for writing smoking hot Historicals, especially those wicked Highlanders, but you also write Contemporary and Young Adult. Can you tell...

Feature Author – Kathryn Knight

Uncaged welcomes Kathryn Knight Uncaged: Your latest book, The Haunting of Hillwood Farm, is another ghostly tale from you, can you tell readers about the book?

Happy Mother’s Day from Uncaged

              "A mother's arms are more comforting than anyone else's." ~Princess Diana Uncaged wishes all the mothers a very Happy Mother's Day.

Uncaged Book Reviews – January 2018 Issue 18 Now Available

Featuring authors: Regan Walker, Emma Prince, Maria Riegger, Margo Ryerkerk, Rena Marin, Stephen Bentley and S.J. Francis. Special Guest - The Photography of Paul Henry Serres Click the magazine to read!