Ugly Little Things
Todd Keisling
Horror Shorts


The eleven stories in Ugly Little Things explore the depths of human suffering and ugliness, charting a course to the dark, horrific heart of the human condition. The terrors of everyday existence are laid bare in this eerie collection of short fiction from the twisted mind of Todd Keisling, author of the critically-acclaimed novels A Life Transparent and The Liminal Man.

Uncaged Review: A collection of various horrors all of them with their own little twists and turns One or two of my favorites was of a young boy. Who makes a deal with an odd gentlemen by the name of Harvey in order to escape some bullies. Another was a rock band who meet a groupie who is a gypsy that decides to stay with the band as a good luck charm. But really has the band under each other’s skin. There’s also one about some creepy dolls. So if that doesn’t get you wanting to read this book nothing will. You won’t need the light’s on but you may need to check under your bed before you go to sleep. I hear those dolls have a great story to tell you. Sweet dreams tonight. Reviewed by Jennifer

5 Stars