The Very Devil Herself
Loren Molloy

Alexandra is an immortal cannibal who must feast on human flesh and blood to survive. For over 200 years this immortal woman has to prowl the dirty streets of London in search of her next victim until the King of England decides to employ her special skills to hunt real life serial killers for his needs instead.

Uncaged Review: I have a lot of mixed feelings on this book, I liked the storyline and the originality, but this will not be for everyone. The book is about Alexandra, who is an immortal, who feasts on the blood and flesh of men in old London, in the dirty streets where the drunk men are lured to her. The author sits you in the front row for all the gory details, and doesn’t hold back.

The bad: the way it’s written is very broken up, with way too many short sentences, and not enough descriptive paragraphs. I really don’t see Alexandra as a vampire, or a possessed woman, or even the devil. She’s almost her own species. Also the story jumps around several times, and leaves you hanging a bit, and you don’t really get any details of what happened for a big chunk of time. There really isn’t a major plot with the book, it’s more of watching Alexandra’s life. Alexandra’s history is a mystery to me, and we don’t really get a back story to her much at all. And I don’t know much about her powers, it was pretty sudden some of the things she could do – and sort of left me thinking I missed something.

The good: Even as evil as Alexandra is, she is still my favorite character in the book. She discovers her humanity with Old Samuel and Daniel, but there is not any romance to muck up the story, even though there could have been. She makes no excuses for who or what she is, and even comes to an agreement of sorts with the beast within her. When she’s not driven by the lust of the hunger, she is calculating and brilliant. The story is an original idea, and it spans a good amount of time.

This book won’t be for everyone. If you can look beyond the editing issues, and can handle a gore-fest at times, you may like this book. It’s not perfect, but it is original and Alexandra can be quite captivating. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars