The Unlikeable Demon Hunter: Fall
Deborah Wilde
Urban Fantasy

Playtime’s over. 

With the Brotherhood and certain witches gunning for Nava, people are taking bets on who will kill her first.

Not to mention that the shambles of her relationship have just been thrust into the spotlight for a mission to take down one of the deadliest demons she’s faced yet. A demon who’ll force her and Rohan to confront their own inner demons once and for all.

Nava heads to Los Angeles to make her bold play–on all fronts–but can she stop her foes before they destroy her for good? 

And who else will have to die?

Go big or go home, baby.

Get it now.

Uncaged Review: This is one of my favorite ongoing urban fantasy series right now, and the author didn’t disappoint me in book 5 of the Nava Katz series. The book picks up after the events of the last one, and we are still pining for Nava and Rohan, and if they’ve ended their relationship or can they scrape it back together, and how the heck they are going to get Lilith out of Nava before she destroys her. There is a lot of action, and a lot of different groups gunning for Nava, but we do get some good down time that is well needed after we are running with the foot on the gas most of the way through. Nava’s magic is growing in leaps and bounds, but is it her magic, or a by-product of having the strong, evil Lilith trapped inside her?

This is actually not my favorite part of this series so far, the Lilith storyline and being trapped inside Nava. The author does a better job with it this time out, but it had me a bit worried in the last book. I’m not going to tell you if anything is solved in this one, but again, we are left on a cliffhanger, it’s not the worst one I’ve read, but I am really hoping the author will slow us down and give us a breather at the end of the next one. But some questions left over from book 4 are satisfied in this book, although it brought up a bunch of new ones. Even so, this book is edge-of-your-seat action and the author ramps up the tension, I’m very glad I’m not a nail biter, or I would be down to nubs.
Reviewed by Cyrene

4 1/2 Stars