The Tome
Troy Christensen

Nerdy teen Jimmy Jason spends most of his school day hiding from his tormentors behind a fortress of books. In need of a change of scene, he ventures out to a new bookstore believed to cast a darkness around town. And it’s within these walls where he discovers an ancient tome. Buried in its pages are magical secrets on how to manipulate the minds of others. Will Jimmy choose to use his power for good, or to exact revenge?

Uncaged Review: Wow, this story really packs a punch for such a short story. I’m always amazed at what authors can pack into such a small amount of room, but Mr. Christensen does a good job here. I can’t really give you anything about the story since it’s so short, but it really felt like this could be a teaser to a full length novel.

And the ending? I doubt any reader will expect it. I rarely give more than 4 stars to a short story, but this one deserves it. Kids need to rethink their bullying of the nerdy kids in school. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 1/2 Stars