Tales of the Mysterious and Macabre
Simon Parker
Delve into the mind of a serial killer, bathe in the darkness and solitude that is Hell, fight the undead and unleash the demons. Tales of the Mysterious and Macabre will rip its way into your subconscious and mess with your perceptions, taking your mind to places unexplored and showing you the roots of your fears.

Uncaged Review: A collection of short stories of horror, the paranormal and some hauntings. Simon Parker isn’t your typical horror writer. He likes to write about a mixture of different things, from people selling there souls to the devil for a best-selling book, or a younger man trying to survive his family-handed business before it goes down the toilet.
One story that stayed with me should it ever happen in real life is Pet. The world turns upside down after a fever hits the world, turning people into zombies – one man struggles to continuing living. There’s all sorts of cool things in this story such as people wanting to buy zombies as pets, or buying zombies as cage fighters.

Simon isn’t just a talented writer. He is an artist with his own business in horror art and collectibles. He’s a family man at heart and has been lucky to have his paper mentioned in the local paper. For fans of anything mysterious and creepy this book is for you. Reviewed by Jennifer

5 Stars