Shadow Hunter
B.R. Kingsolver
Urban Fantasy

When my magic manifested at puberty, my parents sold me to the Illuminati. The Order of the Illuminati trained me as an assassin, spy, and thief. But when they sent me to steal a magical artifact that reveals Truth in all things, I discovered that I was working for the Dark and not the Light. The Illuminati trained me well, and paid the ultimate price for their deception.

Thousands of miles away, I landed a job in a quirky little bar. But the scattered remnants of the Order still strive for world domination, and no one leaves the Illuminati alive.

Uncaged Review: Erin was trained as a Hunter by
Dark mages, known as the Illuminati from the time
she was 14. After learning of their deception, she
wiped most of them out and left to find a new life for
herself, thousands of miles away. But there are still
members of the Illuminati scattered around.

As she lands in a town, she takes a job at a bar/grill
as a bartender. The bar is for supernaturals and Erin
begins to know what friendship is in the mish mash
band of people she meets. As much as Erin tries to
keep things on the down low and secret, bad things
seem to find her. This book has some good action
scenes, some great secondary characters and Erin is a
wise-cracking heroine and the book sets a great pace.
It does not leave off on a cliffhanger, but does set up
nicely for book two. Reviewed by Cyrene

4.5 stars