S. Usher Evans
Urban Fantasy

Demon hunter Jack Grenard is rebuilding his life in Atlanta three years after his wife was brutally murdered by demons. But while out on a routine patrol with his partner, Cam, they encounter a demon who saves lives instead of takes them. They embark on a mission to find out who she is before Demon Spring, the quadrennial uprising of the most evil demons from the Underworld. And word on the street is, the King of the Demons, Bael, will be making an appearance. 

Download the first book in S. Usher Evans’ breathtaking urban fantasy trilogy and get swept away in the brilliant world of demons and monsters. 

Uncaged Review: This is a promising start to a series and a solid read. Demon Hunters, Jack and Cam have been partners for a long time, Jack even having married Cam’s sister – Sara. But Sara was killed by a demon attack 3 yrs ago, and Jack has been out of the game since. When he transfers to Atlanta, to once again team up with Cam, he’ll need to get back into the game since an event known as a Demon Spring is about to happen, and when it does, thousands of demons from the Underworld are released on mankind.
My biggest hang up with this book, is that the first half of the book, Jack is still mourning his wife and he shouldn’t even be out, he’s a danger to himself and his partner. This is too overdone – I wanted to kick him myself – so I never really got that attached to Jack. When we finally get moving is about at 60% in, and then we begin to learn more about Anya, and the Demon King, Bael. That is when this book begins to become hard to put down, I just wish it would have gotten there quicker. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars