Obsidian Son
Shayne Silvers
Urban Fantasy

A city that doesn’t believe in magic. Bloodthirsty weredragons. Good thing this reckless playboy has superpowers…

It’s been said that monsters cry when a good man goes to war. But they should run screaming like little school girls when that man is secretly a wizard, and maybe not necessarily good…

Nate Temple’s all-consuming quest to avenge his parents is temporarily put on hold when shape-shifting dragons invade St. Louis. And perhaps cow-tipping the Minotaur for answers might not have been Nate’s smartest opening move, because now every flavor of supernatural thug from our childhood nightmares is gunning for him. Nate learns that the only way to save his city from these creatures is to murder his best friend…Nate’s choice will throw the world and his own conscience into cataclysmic chaos: avenge his parents or become a murderer to save his city? Because to do either, he’s going to have to show the world that magic is very, very real, and that monsters are very, very hungry… To survive, he might just need to take a page from the book, How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters.

Uncaged Review: What could be better? A billionaire, sarcastic, smart-ass wizard, dragons and other supernatural goodies and beings, all wrapped up in a very entertaining story. There is not much I didn’t like about this one, it’s was action packed, with great dialog and this author takes you on a wild ride. There are a few minor mistakes here and there, but nothing that really took my attention away from the story. There are even a few good twists along the way. The secondary characters are well thought out. The one thing I wasn’t a big fan of was the love interest for Nate. Although this is not a romance book by any means, I didn’t connect with the one chosen for Nate, but since I plan to continue reading this series, maybe she will grow on me. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars