Love at War
Viola Russell
20th Century/War

Nuala Comeaux and her brothers are part of a typical working-class family living life on the brink of World War II. Like most Americans, they pray war won’t come their way, but Nuala is more preoccupied with her budding romance with the handsome and intoxicatingly sexy Keith Roussell. Nuala willingly gives in to his charms, but soon, the tides of war will engulf Nuala and her family. Nuala marries Keith, and soon, Keith and her brothers are overseas, facing the enemy.

Uncaged Review: This is a story set right before the start of World War II, and it’s a story of love, betrayal, family, espionage, revenge, bravery and the tragedies of war. It starts out a bit slow, and there are some very depressing moments, but the story is an honest one, and you can easily picture it in your mind as you read along. Even though this is marketed as a historical romance, the romance is not all that prominent like you would see in most, it takes a backseat to the war to the bravery of what Nuala and Keith and her family will do for both revenge and love. Even though books about war are normally some that I shy away from, this is a good read, an epic love story, with a fierce loyalty to family within the despair of war. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 1/2 Stars