Uncaged Review – Second Chances in Hollywood


Second Chances in Hollywood
Sarah Hendess
20th Century Historical Romance

Josie Donovan left her home in Kansas under a cloud. Now settled into her work as a nurse in Hollywood, California, in 1959, she finds the producer of her favorite television program is in her hospital ward and offering her an audition.
Actor Robert Coolidge hates his role on Gunslingers but needs the job to support his son. When Josie joins the cast, the loneliness plaguing him lifts, until a goodnight kiss somehow goes wrong.
Yet Josie is there with her nursing skills when Robert falls ill on set, and the pair are at a crossroads. Robert, who never talks about himself, will have to open up, and Josie must have courage, if either of them is to have a second chance at love.

4 Stars