Fire Maidens: Portugal
Anna Lowe
Fantasy Romance

A jaded warrior who doesn’t want to get involved + an irresistible she-dragon on the run.

For centuries, the Guardians of Lisbon have kept shifter forces in check — dragons, vampires, and witches. Now, with their powers dwindling, they’re too busy to respond to a lone woman’s cry for help.

Novice dragon, Laura Sampao, always knew her family descended from dragon shifters, but that power — or curse — hadn’t manifested itself in generations. She thought it would never happen to her.


Now, vampires are after her blood, and her last hope is a mysterious, jaded warrior who saves her from a brutal attack. But that’s just the prelude to a far greater danger, giving her no choice but to trust the infuriatingly gruff, handsome stranger who awakens all kinds of hidden desires.

Marco da Silva, heir to an ancient dragon dynasty, has been burned by damsels in distress before, and he’s determined not to get involved. But somehow, he just can’t resist. Before he knows it, he’s spiriting Laura off to his private island hideaway with his inner dragon vowing to keep her safe.

Why? Because his heart isn’t the only reckless force stirring in the shifter world — powerful enemies are on the move too, and they’ll stop at nothing to seize Laura — and take control of an entire continent.

Uncaged Review: I was completely looking forward to reading Marco’s story, and knew he was going to need a strong woman to test him and break down the walls he’s built – and the author truly delivered with Laura. When vampires start hunting her, Marco is there to save her. As Marco agrees to help her learn how to be a dragon, and to train her, his walls start cracking. Laura is a strong heroine, and proves herself. The Guardians of Lisbon are old and set in their ways, and it will be hard to get them to help.

What I loved about this book, is that the characters spent a lot of time as dragons, and the descriptions of their flights and battles in the air are breathtaking. This is a series that continues to entertain and I’m looking forward to Finn’s story in Ireland. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars