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Uncaged Review: Storm by Michelle Mankin

Michelle Mankin
Rock Star Romance

He wants her, but he can’t have her.
She wants him even though she doesn’t know who he really is.
Storm Hardy left Ocean Beach to pursue a career in the music industry.
Lotus Irving stayed behind, her world rocked by one terrible tragedy after another.
What if all your best memories are behind you? What if you lost the one friend who understood you better than anyone else? What if your greatest wish is to recreate the past instead of imagining a brighter future?

Storm by New York Times bestselling author Michelle Mankin is a novel about never giving up, no matter what life throws at you. It’s about the importance of love and learning to dream again. It’s about looking beyond the wind, rain, and lightning to find the calm. It’s about holding on to the right person who helps you to be strong.

Uncaged Review: If you ever get the urge to read a Rock Star romance, or it’s a genre you enjoy, then give this author a try. This book spins off of the Second Chance rock star series that featured the band members from Dirt Dogs, and those characters do play a supporting role although this book is easily read without having to read that series, although it’s definitely a good series. This author has a way of writing an emotional, kick you in the gut book that pulls out all of the feels and will shatter your heart and slowly glue the pieces back together. The characters are people you’d want to hang with and each have their own issues to deal with, and together they stay strong.

Storm breaks Lotus’ heart when he leaves his battered home life when she is 13 yrs old and he’s 15. Her whole world was Storm, he was her best friend and the only friend she truly had. Fast forward 9 years, and Lotus has a hit AND miss relationship with Storm’s older brother Sage, who is in the band OB Hardy. When Journey shows up, Lotus can’t get past her strong feelings for him, although she just met him…or did she?

This book isn’t for the weak, if you don’t like strong language and hot sex scenes, then you won’t enjoy this one. But if you are OK with it, you’re in for a pretty good read. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars


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