Enchanting the Duke of Demoon
Jenn Langston
Historical Regency

Miss Carolyn Ashford wants one thing from marriage: love. After spending one informative season in London, she discovers the rarity of the emotion. Resigning herself to a life of spinsterhood, she leans on her brother’s charity. When she stumbles upon a secret garden on the Duke of Demoon’s property, she sets to restore it. As the garden comes to life, so does her spirit, as though she’s finally found her place.

Edmund Marsham, Duke of Demoon, for over a decade hasn’t shown his scarred face—the only outward sign of surviving a devastating fire in his youth—to anyone outside of Moonlight Castle. Seeking sanctuary from his callous mother, he rides off to his grandmother’s secret garden. Once there, he is surprised to find a young woman has brought life back into the neglected place. Although he keeps his identity from her, they form an unexpected friendship. Before long, Edmund begins to want impossible things. Things he knows he can’t have.

Carolyn knows her time with Edmund is limited considering he has no desire for a wife or child. With another man vying for her attention, she knows with him she will have everything that Edmund denies her. She attempts to distance herself from Edmund, but her traitorous body has other plans. Will her heart survive a temporary romance with Edmund, and will those memories be enough to satisfy a lifetime without him?

Uncaged Review: If the rumors are to be believed about Edmund that he has indeed caught his father’s temper and is mad then I pity any unfortunate soul to cross his path. After a brief conversation with a stranger at one of his gardens, Edmund finds himself intrigued with the beautiful woman. Carolyn has caught his eye in a perfect story of love, tragedy, and betrayal. This conclusion to the Touched by Fire series which can also be read as a standalone novel. I really enjoyed this book and I’m sad that the series is finished now. That being said I’m now a fan of this author and can’t wait to see what she comes out with next. Reviewed by Jennifer

5 Stars